The Easy, Full-Featured Photo Gallery Solution

Essential Foto is great for portfolios, product presentations and photo blogs! Sleek and unimposing, it allows for fast setup with minimal customization, and keeps the focus where it should be: on your gallery.

Works alongside any platform: Use it with your WordPress blog, a custom CSS+HTML site, or another CMS such as Jalooma or Drupal. As a standalone gallery, any changes you make in Essential Foto won’t affect your main site.

Though designed for simplicity, Essential Foto is a full-featured child theme built on the popular WordPress CMS. This allows for great flexibility and compatibility. Any content, feature, or plugin you might use on a full WordPress site, you can use with Essential Foto.

In fact, if you love Essential Foto’s clean layout, you can also use it as your main WordPress site. (The page you’re on now is using Essential Foto!)

Take a look at the Live Demo, then Get Essential Foto for your own website!

If you want the Essential Foto look *only* for your slider, (not your gallery previews or site theme) and are already using JetPack’s Gallery Carousel, try “Essential Foto Just for JetPack” instead.

For more details check out the FAQ and Forum.