Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This site does NOT:

  • Rely on pervasive or abusive third-party advertising.
  • Sell information submitted through this site to third parties.
  • Require internet “cookies” to be enabled in your browser, (though some features may work better if they are).

This site DOES:

  • Attempt to avoid unnecessary third-party connections.
  • Keep a standard traffic log which includes visitor IP address and pages visited. This allows for web and security administration, as well as the ability to see which pages are popular. (Your browser likely sends additional details to this log, including the web page or search that brought you here. )

Forum Participation

The online forum is public, not private. Generally, things said or ideas shared might be quoted or used by anyone else without compensation.

This policy may be modified from time to time. Contact Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ if you have any questions.

Thank you.