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Use this if you intend to create a stand-alone photo gallery, or if you want the Essential Foto theme for your existing WordPress blog.

Note: You do not need the plugin if your are using the theme.

Use this if you want the Essential Foto skin *only* for JetPack’s gallery carousel, and not for your gallery pages or thumbnail previews. Works with JetPack’s gallery carousel or a compatible plugin such as “Gallery Carousel Without JetPack”.



First review the FAQ / Setting Up page. There are different ways to deploy Essential Foto, and you may not intend to use it with your primary WordPress setup. In particular, see the sections: “How can I try it out?” and “How do I use it?

  • Log into the WordPress setup you want to use for Essential Foto.
  • Navigate to Appearance> Themes> Add New> Upload Theme …or if you’re installing the plugin navigate to Plugins> Installed Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin.
  • Find the installation/zip file you downloaded to your computer (or just drag it to the “browse” button) then select “Install Now”.
  • Select “Active”.



If you’re installing the *theme*:

  • Disable any gallery plugin your already using so it doesn’t conflict with Essential Foto, (unless you’re using JetPack’s gallery carousel or similar plugin).

If you’re installing the Essential Foto *plugin* you will also need to enable JetPack’s gallery carousel:

  • If you’re not already using a compatible plugin such as “JetPack” or “Gallery Carousel Without JetPack” navigate to Plugins> Add New> Search, then find the one you want and install and activate it.

(JetPack requires a account and comes with a suite of additional features.)

  • Navigate to Settings> Media> Gallery Carousel and make sure the carousel is enabled.

That’s it!

There are some basic settings you can tweak, such as setting up a title and menu if you’re using the theme. However, you may well spend the better part of your time creating and organizing the content of your photo gallery—which is kind of the point.

If you need any help along the way the Forum is a great place to ask questions, get information, or suggest new features.



Essential Foto is made freely available under the GNU General Public License.

If you find Essential Foto of value please consider making a small, (completely optional) payment. Other ways you can “give back” are to spread the word about Essential Foto, or help others who have questions about it.

…and thanks!